Week 4 Discussion
After reading the Future Supply Chain article (located in Documents and Resources) by Wednesday post your first response, answering the following questions, and on two of the following days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday) respond thoughtfully to two of your classmates. Consider the organization that you used for Assignment 1 and answer these questions using that organization for context. Initial post of 300 to 500 words by Wednesday, subsequent graduate level posts to two different students on two different days of at least 100 words.

  1. What are the specific concerns for supply chain design have been related to cost efficiency and on-shelf availability?
  2. Describe some emerging issues or new factors that might become increasingly critical, such as traffic congestion in urban areas, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions?
  3. What are the transportation concerns?
  4. What other concerns did you think of when reading this above article?

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