Based upon class discussions, assigned readings and reputable resources, agency information you will be developing a program evaluation plan based upon your work in your field placement setting. Your research question should consider some aspect of client satisfaction..  You are not expected to collect the information you are discussing. Your work should reflect a basic understanding of (1) selecting questions for research purposes, (2) making sure your measurements are clearly linked to your research question (3) approaches used to collect data (4) the challenges in data collection and (5) the importance of disseminating the results of assessments. This assignment is worth 100 points. Your answers must be addressed in FULL

The paper should include the following sections: Section I-IV should be at least 4-5 pages (Worth 30 points)

I: Provide the Name and Mission of your agency

II: Identify and discuss the specific program(s) you are working with at your agency. Provide the goals of the program you are working with. Describe your program in full.

III: What type of activities are you engaged in at your field placement? Who are the people that

you serve? (ex. Adolescent mothers, older adults). What are some of the challenges that you face providing services for your clients/organization? What are some of the challenges your clients face? (This section should be at least 2 pages)

IV: Identify a specific research question pertaining to the program you are working with at the

agency. Note: The question should reflect an assessment of the program overall and not an


VI: Background Information on your Program Evaluation Plan: See below A-C (15 points)

Background Information on your Program Evaluation Plan

1. What are the goals of the program evaluation? What are the performance issues driving the evaluation?

1. Who are the critical partners, sponsors, and other stakeholders of the evaluation?

1. What are the desired results of the evaluation plan? What outputs or products are expected from the evaluation?

VI.    Data Collection Form and Rationale (See form below)

(10 points)


   In the column on the left, write down the questions you desire to answer through data

collection. You should have at least 3 questions. The questions should focus on your overall

research question.  On the right, please explain how each of the questions will generate data

that will help you with your need assessment.

Evaluation Questions to be answered through Data Collection

Rationale for the Question (How will the question generate data relevant to

the goal of your evaluation plan?)


(15 points)

Please utilize the table below to identify your data collection approach. Utilize the 3 Data

Collection questions that you have identified in the Worksheet above.

Program Evaluation


(3 questions) these should be the 3 questions listed above

Measures Data Source(s)

(what are you trying to measure)

Data Collection

(from whom/what will data be collected)


(how will you go collecting your information?)


(what tools will you use to obtain your information?)

VIII. Scheduling and Constraints (5 points)


Use this section of the worksheet to create a simple schedule for the data collection and interpretation for the program evaluation


Task Person(s)

Who is Responsible

What will be the Deliverables/Outputs?

CONSTRAINTS: (10 points)


What are the top three constraints (or challenges) you expect you may face with

implementing your evaluation plan for your agency?

Constraint 1:

Constraint 2:

Constraint 3:

IX. Discuss what you would do with the information that you collected from your program

evaluation plan. How could it be used? Who would benefit from utilizing this

information? Why is conducting research within a program setting important for social workers? (15 points) ALL QUESTIONS SHOULD BE ADDRESSED in FULL

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