FILM 2000: Introduction to Film

Film Discussion Leader assignment

· The Movie is “Double Indemnity – 1944”

· At least one full page double-spaced, with 2-3 questions and your own responses – see below.

You will present this in class and can refer to your written assignment while doing so. If multiple students sign up for the same film, be sure to cover different topics and questions, as these are individual presentations. This is a way for you to think critically about your chosen film and to present your ideas/questions to your peers for a generative discussion. For those discussing a film immediately following our in-class screening, you are responsible for watching it in advance.

The film discussion leader will: (* required *)

· a) Pose 2-3 questions to the class on the film: can be about particular moments or about the film as a whole – but avoid yes/no questions and queries that are too broad or general. Present open-ended questions to spark a discussion and provide your own answers as well.

· b) Discuss at least one key moment in the film and explain the importance of this scene.

Some tips! – you may consider… (just some possibilities)

-Anything that you found especially interesting or significant about this film.

-Reflecting on what struck you as a viewer about a specific scene and why.

-Relating the film to any course reading from the textbook or our Canvas site.

-Pointing out stylistic techniques in the film and associating them with its themes.

-Discussing with the class anything that confused you while watching the film.


Use Your own ideas and questions do not use any resources such as “Google Scholar,,, Etc.” JUST use the “book” as your reference

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