The Global Environment Spring, 2022

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Exercise 4: Principles of Water 50 points NAME ____________________

DATE March 24, 2022

DUE DATE March 29, 2022


Please answer all the questions to the best of your ability. Use the textbook and internet as your reference guide.

Part 1: Vocabulary (10points)

Use one or two sentences to define the following terms.

1. Aquifer

2. Groundwater

3. Gray water

4. Virtual water

5. Water footprint

6. Desalination

7. Zone of saturation

8. Evapotranspiration

9. Reliable surface runoff

The Global Environment Spring, 2022

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10. Dam

Part 2: General Questions (20 points)

11. Draw a diagram of the water cycle. Be sure to include all major components (evaporation, advection, condensation-precipitation, evapotranspiration, surface water, ground water, and water storage).

12. List three ways in which human activities increase the harmful effects of flooding.

The Global Environment Spring, 2022

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13. How do dams affect aquatic wildlife?

14. Describe three major irrigation methods and list ways to reduce water losses in irrigation.

The Global Environment Spring, 2022

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Part 4: Water Footprint (20 points)

1. Do some research online or in a library to estimate your own water footprint. (There are several websites available for this purpose; As part of this exercise, list everything you do throughout the day that involves your direct use of water. Also, analyze the virtual water you use, by considering at least five common items (e.g. clothes, laptop etc.) you use daily and five kinds of food that you regularly eat, and listing the amount of virtual water that is used to produce each of these things. Finally, consider whether there are ways for you to use the water more efficiently, and if there are, describe them.

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