For this discussion board please review pgs 1-16 and read about the many different benefits employees receive beyond direct pay.

According to OConnell (2008) with, by and large, the IRS deems employee benefits in one of three categories:

  • Nontaxable (like qualified health plans.)
  • Partially taxable (like transportation benefits.)
  • Tax-deferred (that means you have to pay taxes eventually, but not right now. A 401k plan or a pension plan is a good example of a tax-deferred employee benefit.)

Because these fringe benefits many times can be tax-exempt to employers and employees alike, companies have to consider the strength these benefits can be to any compensation package. 

For this discussion board discuss and evaluate benefits with tax advantages vs. benefits and compensation without tax advantages. Discuss ways the employees can actually benefit financially with less direct pay and more tax advantages.  Do some research to help you give more insight into the discussion and help support your position.

Discussion assignments consist of two parts: (I) an initial response to the topic, (II) responses/interactions (2+) with your peers.

Follow all Discussion Board Requirements and Due Dates.


  •  pgs 1-16
  • Gobler, 2021: 

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