Film Worksheet—Race the Power of an Illusion—The House We Live In

Purpose: This assignment is designed for students to understand institutionalized racism, how institutionalized racism impacts the access to obtain wealth, and how race is a social construct.


Students will need to: • Create an account on Kanopy Setup—this is a free film services through Dallas

College Libraries• After you have created your account through Kanopy• Search the title Race The Power of an Illusion: The House We Live In. It is

Episode 3

Respond to the following questions:

1. Why is homeownership so important? For example, how does homeownership contribute towealth for a family?

2. Explain the term social construction and explain what it means to say that race is sociallyconstructed.

3. Explain the term institutionalized racism and provide concrete examples from the film toillustrate how racism is institutionalized (systemic not individualized).

4. Explain the term color blindness ideology and explain some issues with the color blindnessideology—as indicated in the film.

5. Apply your sociological imagination to this film in understanding racism as social issue,make sure to connect the social issue of racism to a social institution.

a. Define the term public/social issue.b. Explain how racism is a social issue (move beyond the individual).c. Connect the racism to a social institution in society.d. Explain how the identified social institution from question c, could create the social

issue of racism.6. Illustrate how this film connects to the course material on the Chapter about Race and

Ethnicity. Your response needs to include the following:a. Choose a minimum of 4 relevant sociological concepts (do not use

sociological theory) from chapter on Race and Ethnicity. Please make sureto bold the sociological concepts you use from the chapter.

b. Make sure to define the concepts in your own words.c. Use relevant concrete examples from the film for each of the sociological

concepts you chose from question a. Provide a clear explanation of theconnections between the film and the chapter on Race and Ethnicity.

7. Choose one thing from this film that was something new you learned and explain why this stood out to you. (Please do not say, you did not learn anything new. I have watched this film many times and I always see something or understand something differently than from the first time I watched this film.)

Criteria for Success: Students will need to: • Respond to all questions in complete sentences • Number each response (you do not need to re-write the question) • Complete the assignment by the due date • Submit the assignment using the following steps:

• Save assignment as word document file (either on your computer or thumb drive) please do not use pages format–as I can not access this format

• Go to Browse My Computer–after you have open this find your saved file • Upload the file • Once you have uploaded your file you will need to click submit in order to submit

the assignment. Please do not use the comment box to submit your assignment.

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