Part 1 – Attractions – 5%

List and explain 5 top attractions or experiences in and around your assigned city.  What are the very best experiences for your group to enjoy?  

This could consist of attractions, things to do, things to see, festivals, etc.  It is something that your tour group could experience.

Please describe each attraction in 100 words.  Tell about it. The history, what to experience there, how much time needed to experience it, and the admission fee

Grading will be based on your choice of quality attractions, your ability to effectively summarize each as it relates to tourists, and putting this info in your own words as much as possible based on your research.

Part 2 – Accommodation – 5%

Find 3 accommodation options in your city that would be good for your group. (You will need 8 – 10 rooms)

Requirements of the accommodation – needs to be within walking distance of shops, restaurants and attractions

Summarize the important features of the 3 accommodation choices and why you chose these for your group.

You can use as a resource

Part 3 – Day trips including transport – 5%

List and explain 3 day trips and intermodal transportation (rail, bus, and/or ferry) options to get there

Requirements of day trips – must be less than 3 hours bus, train or ferry ride from your accommodation to somewhere outside your city. The total duration of the day trip including transport there and back would be 10 to 14 hours. Please do NOT use air transport to and from your day trip destination

Summarize the highlights of each of these day trips in approximately 100 words

Check rail websites for rail times 

Check for day trip ideas from your city

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