Chapter 3: Description of Intervention

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Checklist for chapter 3 submission.

Is there a complete and concise description of the program implemented given?

Writing Chapter 3

Writing Chapter 3 – Description of Intervention

Begin this chapter by briefly summarizing the nature of the problem to be studied. This summary of the problem should be only two or three paragraphs long. It will serve to refresh the reader's memory and provide a focus or frame of reference to which the rest of the chapter can be related.

Statement of Objectives

The most important part of the Business Application Project is writing measurable (result-oriented) objectives. At least two objectives, but preferably four or five objectives, should be part of the study.

In writing the objectives, state each one in a separate paragraph. It would be advisable to identify each objective (Objective One, Objective Two, etc.). Use free-standing side headings for this process.

To assist the reader in understanding what the objective is and why it was selected, a description and explanation should follow each one.

When stating each objective include:

· What change will result? (Stated in observable and measurable terms.)

· How much change is expected?

· Who or what will change?

· Where will the change occur?

· When will the change occur? (time boundaries)


Objective One

By January of next year, there will be a 50 percent reduction in the number of errors committed by the clerical staff in the XYZ Department of the SKS Manufacturing Plant.

What?                        Reduction in the amount of errors

How much? 50 percent

Who?             Clerical staff

Where?         XYZ Department

When?           By January of next year

Remember, the explanation clarifying the reason for including the objective must come immediately following each objective.

Description of the Intervention

The intervention is a plan, or program, intended to correct the problem. Describe completely, clearly, and concisely, the intervention to be implemented. If it was a training program, describe the content of the program, the methods and materials used, the length of the program, and when and where the program was held.

If a procedures manual is to be developed, describe its contents, its length, how it was distributed, and when and where it was distributed.

If a computerized inventory control program is developed, describe the input and the output, describe the type of data entered into the program, how the data are manipulated by the program, and what type of data or report are generated from the program. Also, indicate its implementation, complexity, and intended use.

Since this is the core of the entire Business Application Project, the reader must clearly understand all the characteristics and procedures of the intervention. In short, by reading this section only, the reader will know what was designed and implemented. If you developed a different intervention (or strategy) for each objective, then organize this section by each objective. One word of caution: limit the intervention to one main strategy if at all possible. The more complex the intervention, the more difficult it is to specify what really caused the change.

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