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Focus On the Future

Mentoring Program

Program Facts

Core Values

Program Story

The Focus on the Future Mentor Program was launched in 2011 as one of Come Thirsty Ministries, Inc. Programs. The program design uses workshops and activities as a means to build young men in becoming who God has called them to be. Program presenters use real life stories and experiences to relate and educate the young men who participate in the program. The program focuses on mentoring through small groups and individual connections.


Mentoring New Leaders, To Build Our Communities”

The Mission Statement

The mission of “Focus on the Future” mentoring program is to motivate, and prepare young men to lead their communities.

Workshops/Lesson Include:

· Handling Student Conflict leadership, personal identification, strengths & weakness, goal setting

· Basic Living Skills/Professionalism cooking, cleaning, budgeting, washing, clothes, hygiene, sexual purity/education, etiquette

· Morality Values, standards of behavior, life principles, respect for authority, spirituality

· Community Building peer refusal skills, volunteering, community building skills, empathy development, anger management, effective listening, self image

· Academics study skills, college prep, core studies, college tours, etc. (students will be required to do some recommended readings)

What do we wear?

Most of our sessions we will dress in uniform which is:

Khakis with Belt / White Shirt / Tie / Dress Shoes (Brown or Black)

When we are not in uniform:

Focus on The Future T-Shirt / with Belt / Clean Shoes

Focus on the Future Mentor Program




Focus On the Future

Mentoring Program

Focus On the Future

Mentoring Program

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